5 Top Tips to create a good school website

School websites have a lot to comply with. The School Information Regulations 2016 lists over 50 mandatory pieces of information which must be made available. But looking beyond the regulatory requirements, here are five crucial things schools should have on their website to attract potential parents as well as make existing parents lives a whole lot easier keeping them up to date on what’s happening at the school

Calendar of Events

This is one of the most common things a parent or carer will head to your website for, so help them out and make it easily visible. Include term dates, school plays, parents’ evenings, school fairs, PSA events, sports day and anything else you want to shout about.


This provides a hassle-free method for parents to pay for everything from school uniform to school trips, school dinners, tickets for events or making donations. On top of that it saves your school resources, paperwork, money and admin time. It is easy to set-up a secure payment method which can be used with PayPal or any major debit or credit card.

Headteacher’s Blog

When surfing a school website, the voice of the head is a nice, personal touch to stand out amongst all the admin. A blog presents the character of a school as well as your head’s values, personality, role and relationship with staff and students.

Social Media channels

Social media is an ideal way to celebrate your school’s achievements, share photos from special events and communicate directly with your school community. If you want to promote your Facebook, YouTube or Instagram page, then ensure it is signposted clearly on your website.

Promotional Videos

Video continues to be the most popular of online content, so show you are up to date and introduce your school via video and show off the school’s character.

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