Six Top Tips for marketing your school

Whether you want to increase interest from parents wishing to send their children to your school, or simply promote what makes you better than other schools in the area, creating a strategic communication campaign can help to engage audiences and set you apart from your competition. The following top tips will help you stand out from the crowd;



Make your web site sing….
Your web site is the first port of call for parents to get hold of whatever information they need quickly, easily and hassle free. Make sure that your content is current, fresh, informative and that it’s build with eCommerce and mobile optimisation functionality.

Be Sociable
Engaging social media activity is vital for getting your messages out there and building the reputation and presence of the school.  Regular use of social media platforms should be an integral element of your school marketing plan.

Best foot forward
Does your current school publicity collateral really convey what makes your school standout? Compare your school literature as if it was a popular glossy magazine – is your content compelling, is it relevant to the audience and is the your photography up to date?  If not, then it’s time for a refresh of your image library.

Make the most of Face to Face opportunities
A strong relationship with parents gives you an ongoing idea of what they are happy with and whether there is anything that they would like to see improved. Informal parent receptions and a strong presence at school social events will help you obtain direct, ongoing feedback.

Think Local
Build a rapport with your local papers and parent bloggers.  They will help you build your profile and could potentially offer assistance to the school when you have good news to shout about or difficult news to explain.

Be flexible
Responsibility for marketing the school rests with all staff. It isn’t just limited to Marketing and PR.  Everyone on the management team has to be ready and willing to field parent queries about school-related issues and be on hand to offer advice and point parents in the right direction.  Parents will expect they can call upon you as part of the school leadership team.  Be ready to adapt and use any and all opportunities to promote the School.

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