The pitfalls of business websites

Recent research claims 71% of business websites have an ineffective online presence…

According to blur, a leading cloud platform provider a recent study states that there are over 18.2 million software and web developers worldwide, the majority are affable geeks – but if you don’t specify exactly what you are looking for from your on-line presence or have no Digital Strategy they’ll bamboozle you with technical know-how and leave you with a less than satisfactory result that will most likely require a full over haul before you can fully exploit its functionality.



93% don’t display contact information on their homepage

39% don’t have a contact email address (at all)

79% choose not to publicise their business address.

Unless you’re evading the law then add this information now.
If you are evading the law then hand yourself in – you don’t deserve to be free with a website like this. Not only does communication go hand-in-hand with a sale but it gives your company a voice and in turn increases brand awareness.

95% have no shopping cart functionality

Seems pretty obvious for any e-commerce company: many would say essential. Shopping carts are a major part of online shopping so embrace them. Users expect them, they add to user experience and instil a sense of security.

80% are incompatible with popular search engines

This is downright embarrassing – who’d run a site that can’t be found on Google Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer? Accessibility is the key

71% aren’t mobile ready

With almost a third of all purchases on Black Friday and Cyber Monday made on a mobile device, making your site responsive isn’t a nice to have, it’s a necessity. Your site should scale to any smartphone/tablet on the market. A responsive design will keep you ahead of the game as major retailers release their (even bigger) smartphones.

91% haven’t invested in AdWords

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is often seen as an alternative way to get traffic to your site. You include certain words and terms in the core site copy and miraculously you appear high in the results without paying for ads. It’s critical you do this… but it takes time – a long time! The truth is you should be doing both SEO and AdWord campaigns. Ads are a quick way to get traffic to your site because you pay. Don’t be one of the 91% who fail to maximise the full potential of organic search engine marketing and Adwords to generate interest.

69% have no Twitter account

Social media is truly alive and kicking; Twitter alone has over 284 million active monthly users. Which may leave you awestruck as to why 69% of SMEs have no twitter account, not to mention 70% having no Facebook presence and 89% are void of a LinkedIn page. Get connected now, invest in a social media strategy and you’ll quickly increase brand recognition, improve brand loyalty, increase conversion rates, improve search engine rankings and allow customers to delve deeper into your business.

One of the biggest issues cited is not knowing where to turn for hep. But if you aren’t consistently updating your website or upping your online presence, it will go stale. To avoid being left on the digital shelf, consider increasing your online presence now. One small step for man, one huge leap for businesses with less than perfect websites.

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