Tips for marketing on LinkedIn

There are currently over 350 million LinkedIn users worldwide, with two new users registering every second. With such a vast user base, if you haven’t already utilised LinkedIn to market your business, then it’s time to seriously consider it.

Especially if your business’ customers are other businesses, LinkedIn has the potential to provide you with a wealth of potential prospects and business development opportunities. Below, we’ll explore five factors for you to consider, to successfully market your business on LinkedIn.


Sponsored updates

Actively using PPC to drive prospective customers to your website and enticing them to convert is a winning strategy. But, perhaps it’s time to set some of your PPC budget aside and test the water with sponsored LinkedIn updates. Sponsored updates allow you to pay for your business’ posts to appear in other users’ feeds. The real beauty of sponsored posts is the comprehensive, strategic targeting options available, to ensure you’re reaching the right audience.

As well as the standardised demographic filters (age, gender, location etc.), you even can go as far as targeting someone with a specific job title. Businesses often get it wrong by being too narcissistic with shameless self-promotion. If you want to reap the results from your paid updates, then ensure your audience will get added value from each update you post. Focus on becoming a thought leader, rather than a shameless self-promoter.
Targeted lead generation

New leads for your business are a must. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that no leads means no customers. And if you lack customers…you see where this is going. LinkedIn offers one of the most accurate data banks out there, as the majority of LinkedIn users utilise the platform for self promotion. Thus, keeping their profiles up-to-date is in users’ best interests, making it a goldmine of accurate data! Users’ profile information can also be leveraged by your sales team to engage and get that all-important initial conversation started.
Content distribution

Everyone, it seems, is endorsing the fact that content marketing is the future, and content is still king. We’re no different. Creating content is one thing, but distributing it effectively is another ballgame altogether. Your content shouldn’t be too inwardly focused, and there has to be something in it for your target audience; some stellar advice, insight or a solution to a real problem that they’re likely to be faced with.

Providing value in the way of relevant, quality content on a regular basis will result in your audience taking an interest in what you’ve got to say and, in turn, your business.
Utilise Groups

Take a look at your current customers and find out what groups they’re a part of, become a member and actively get involved in the conversation to engage with them. You can drop in links and share content, but a ‘hard sell’ approach will more than likely be counterproductive and you run the risk of feeling the wrath of the group’s moderators.

Groups are not only a great way to engage with prospective customers, but it’ll also provide you with a platform to enable you to educate yourself with industry-specific information and keep your finger on the pulse of your audience’s favoured touch points. This will work wonders when communicating with potential prospects; you’ll appear well informed and give prospects peace of mind that you know your stuff.
Company Pages

Creating a company page is fairly standard practice for any business. Creating a strong, optimised company page is a different thing altogether. A barren company page is never a good look so, once created, keeping your page active with regular updates is a must. In many respects, having a LinkedIn page for your business and not maintaining it can be more detrimental than not having one at all. Like any social media platform or account, an ongoing commitment is required in order for it to be effective.

Another tip to consider is to connect your company page the profiles of your employees. This will, in turn, humanise your company’s page and allow potential customers to put a face to the name.

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